Premium rate numbers

Charge extra for a call and make a profit

Premium rate numbers

Premium rate numbers are phone numbers for which the billing is higher than standard and which allow for easy charging for various kinds of content. Telephone numbers with the 060 prefix can be used to provide information, technical support, micropayment, pre-sale customer support and entertainment or for reservation and payment. Billing is per call (PPC) or per minute (PPM).

The most common numbers with the 060 and 064 prefix are telephone numbers used to provide services during calls and for which the payment is higher than is usual. Unlike a regular call, part of the payment goes to the service provider, which allows for companies to make a profit through phone calls. Billing depends on the tariff, and calls are rerouted to you without a need to invest in specialised equipment. Imnet offers a complete solution for call tracking and real time statistics using a web interface.
An online user portal allows for call control, but the system is designed to function without internet access. Agent login and logging off is possible using the portal, or using the telephone device only. Set your own working hours, follow the effects of marketing actions, supervise the work of a call center or check the functioning of the service in a previous period through a detailed call statistics.

Realtime call statistics

Use a portal for realtime tracking of calls 24/7. Supervision of call center operation. Manage the work of agents, track efficiency, view statistical data.

Large number of simultaneous calls

Our optical infrastructure allows for digital sound quality with a momentary capacity of up to 5000 simultaneous calls. For users with higher demands, we are able to expand our capacities to meet your needs.

We take on the risk of payment

We take on the risk of collecting payment from the end users. We guarantee payment regardless of whether the caller has paid their bills. There is no need to send a bill to the user for every minute of the call, we will do everything related to billing for you.

No investment in equipment

All of the technical solutions allowing for an uninterrupted use of the service are provided by Imnet. All you need is a mobile or fixed phone to receive calls.

The benefits of the Imnet 060 service

Up to 5000 simultaneous calls

Online call statistics

Online agent tracking

Call center options

Automated calls

Call redirection to agents

No need for investment in equipment

Agent login and logout without an internet connection

We are here to help you

Do you need advice on providing a paid service through a telephone, using a premium rate number? Contact us to discuss the profits you can expect to make or the rules and limitations on premium rate numbers.