IT Support

We proactively monitor and maintain your network and computers

IT Support

In every kind of enterprise, IT infrastructure is recognised as a critical and strategic component of organisation, necessary for successful business – something a company can't function without.

Flexible IT practices

We are aware that all of our clients are unique. Because of this, we have made sure that our systems and IT support practices are flexible enough to meet your demands.

We offer a broad spectrum of solutions for IT support, including:

Telephone and e-mail support

Our telephone and e-mail support is available to everyone who has a support contract with us. Our friendly team of support engineers will always gladly answer all of your questions, or advise you on IT matters.

Remote support

By installing a lightweight piece of software across your network, Imnet will be able to (with your permission) access your computer from our office and immediately solve most problems. All it takes is a few seconds for you to call our support team and report the problem to our engineer, who will then access your computer and solve it.

Onsite support

Unfortunately, some problems can't be solved remotely and it is necessary to send a support engineer to your premises. We understand that, when things go wrong, it lessens your productivity and that our response needs to be swift and effective.

System revision

System revision is a quarterly meeting with contractual users to discuss the current implementation of your IT system and options for improving the IT system in the future. It includes business growth planning, software system updates and hardware replacement.

Network check

Pleased to say that your system meets your business demands in a suitable manner? If yes, ask yourself if you're certain about all the facts. Imnet offers an initial network revision. This thorough revision is perfect for collecting all of the necessary information that allow us to offer you the best recommendations and options for the future of your IT system. A revision allows Imnet to become completely familiar with your IT system so that we can identify precisely the areas that need to be improved.

Some of our IT services

Computer support

Server support

Backup support

Hardware & Software

Email backup

24/7 monitoring

Flexible upgrades

Remote support

Onsite support

We are here to help you

Every business has different IT demands. Contact us to talk about your IT demands and how we can help you improve your information systems and save money.